Char's Designs

I create individual art jewelry for the wearer.  My customers!  Taking great pride in sitting with my customer and working through a design in
detail.  There is a lot  to it.  Visit my
design page to learn more.  

All of my art jewelry is made by me, only me.  I am a one women show!  I built this website on my own, and do all the maintenance on it also.
Char's Designs
PO Box 1561 Palmer Lake, Colorado 80133
Designer ART Jewelry --------------Designed by Char

Char's designs

Known for creating custom design to suit the wearer.
Each piece is hand crafted by artist Char Schutte.
2007 was not a bad year for me.  I won  two award for my art.
That is wonderful!  
To see what the awards are about click the shows and awards below.

Shows and awards

I need to emphasize the fact that I am a sole proprietor.
Meaning i do everything my self.  
I update my website, (which I also need to add that i need to create a lot more time to doing;
just that)
billing-ordering-inventory-design-marketing-brochures-shows-design process and of course, as
mentioned above; this website.
Feedback is a great thing!
If you have the time and energy, let me know what you think about what i have done here.
Who knows, maybe a discount would head your way for that.
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Char's Designs
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Enjoy!       Char