I am Char of Palmer Lake Colorado

Born in Colorado and have never left to live anywhere else, which I won't if I have anything to say about it.
Palmer Lake being the best in Colorado for me!

I was introduced to metal work by a co worker who always wore very unusual pieces of jewelry.  He invited me
to his studio to melt metal and see what his process was about.  I lit a torch, melted some silver, pounded the
silver out into a simple form.  And I was completely hooked on just that little bit.  I immediately signed up for
classes at ACC for beginning metalwork classes with Richard Sweetman.  Taking classes from Richard  for 7
years.  Moving on from beginning class of course!    I did continue.  I never went for a degree.  I was, and am
still, having fun with metal and stone work.
Besides the 7 years at ACC, countless workshops through ACC and
CoMA, I am self taught for the most part.  

I've been a right brainer all my life!  As anyone who knows me knows that. No doubt. I  love  to create!  
Doesn't even matter what it is.  I've made; Bird baths, fountains, wall hangings, signs, copper lanterns, glass
etchings, throw  pottery (oh yes I do that as much as I can).   I've made sconces of copper and pottery.  Have
designs for copper and glass combination sconces.  Can't wait to work on them!  I LOVE TO CREATE!  (I will
be posting pictures of as many of these things as I can soon.
So you get the picture.

Go to my Shows page.  I just won an Award!  Woops, make that two.  Two
awards this summer.  Take a look.

Well I hope you enjoy looking around.  I have a feedback page below that you can send me your thoughts,
comments, or  questions on anytime.

Take care,
Come back soon!

Char of Char's Designs
PO Box 1561
Palmer Lake, Co, 80133
303-638-3733 (may have to leave a message, but I will get back too you promptly).


"Palmer Lake Star" 3D designs of The Palmer Lake Star in Gold. 14K yellow gold Palmer Lake Star. Modeled after our Star of Palmer Lake--91 lights.
Contact me with requests
Here's a piece of pottery I've made recently. About 10" high and 7" wide. Another side step in my creativeness. If interest just email me with requests. Char
Me at work!
Char's Designs
PO Box 1561 Palmer Lake, Colorado 80133
Designer ART Jewelry --------------Designed by Char
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my life.  I am now a Grandma.  
Here is something way cool in
my life.  I am now a Grandma.  
Holy Moly!  Can't even believe
I'm that old.  Am I!  This is my
Grandson Brody.  Ain't he cute
cute cute?  It is so cool to have
a cutie pie Grandson.  Just
wanted you all to know.  Char