This page is a page on animals that were all done as Commission Pieces.  
Pieces that were designed for the customer.  
I have made more animals then is shown here, but unfortunately I do not posses
images of all of my work.  Something I need to fix now.


Commission Animals Page. This page is of commission work I did for a customer.
This is my very favorite animal,
Valentine.  My mom passed away a
few years ago and my dad now
travels.  So we now have
Valentine.  She is so precious to
This is a cuttlebone cast Dolphin.  Cast in silver with a 14 k
yellow gold Keum Bu on the top side of the Dolphin, giving it a
lot of depth.
The image on the right is an image carved in the cuttlebone
like the image carved used for creating this Dolphin.  Fun fun
fun!!!!   I love cuttlebone casting.
"Seahorse" The image below is also a cuttlebone
cast                                                        piece.  The difference in this
piece                                                 is the texturing of the cuttlebone,
(                                                 which is a fish) is left for
texturing.                                                 Perfect for a seahorse
casting.                                                        This piece has a blue sapphire
                                gypsy set for the eye.  This is one
                                of my very favorite animals that
I                                                     did.
This is a necklace.  Hollow form,
box bear.  The arrow, water and
lightning symbols are cut outs.  
There is an Iolite bead for an ear
and a turquoise bead at the top.  
My grandparents and mom
collected Indian jewelry.  So I have
always had this as an inspiration.
Raccoon pin-hand
Brown trout money
Horse necklace, cut
and scribed.
background, silver overlay
cutout Geico.
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