My site:  containing soft sensual geometric shapes in  fashion accessories, wearable art  and art accessories.   Anything I
dream,  I can make.  I've made sconces, plaques, letter openers, paper weights, animal carved head stones, candle lamps,
candle reflectors, wall art, carved stone, mirrors, full concho belts, and all of the traditional jewelry items.  Yes I probably have
made it.  

Gold, Silver, Rubie,
Mexican Fire Opal,
Boulder Opal, Opal, Chalcedony,
Sapphires, Pearls, Rubies,
Colored Sapphires, Moonstones
Techniques: Riveting, Reticulation, Kumbu, Forging, Granulation, Gypsy set, Torch Enameling, Stone cutting, Stone
layering, Piercing, Tufa stone pour, Cuttlebone casting, lost wax casting.

Art Art Art-----On my
Char page, you will see a beautiful Silver Hot Air Balloon necklace made of silver, forged to add allot
of dimension.  Free moving rope and basket.  A gorgeous textured double clad gold accent at the top of the balloon.
Not to mention on my
gallery page a gorgeous silver cuttlebone cast "Seahorse" with a blue Sapphire eye.  About 2"
long.  Yup, cuttlebone cast; those oval white things you put in a birds cage.  Cool technique!
Process ---  Designing a Necklace

Starting with creating a piece is probably the most involved as far as
time.  When I do a commission piece it is very exciting for sure.  When
WE, my customer and I, sit down to design a special piece ; it is sort of a
gateway into a persons identity, likes, dislikes color preferences and
shape likes.
Yes shape preferences.  Most people resonate towards a certain shape
whether it's pyramid, ovals, squares, s shapes, rectangle, octagon, arrow
or anything else.  If you really pay attention to what you are attracted to
in shape, you are generally attracted to a few specific shapes.  
Some of my customers have a specific design in mind and we have to get
down to an understanding of size, shape, stones ect.  Some of my
customers literally come to me with only a stone they like, the metal they
prefer to wear and how much they would like to spend on a specific
piece.  That is a freedom design for me.  But designing any piece
specifically for one individual is quite exciting.  A challenge!
This is a one dimensional drawing of
a commission piece.  This drawing is
to size, and colors of what the piece
started out to be.  The colors and
format are acceptable.  But the
design is not where it is to be.  So this
is a start.  An idea, a concept, color
coordination.  This is where the
design started.  We liked the colors,
the flow, and the size.  But the exact
execution of this design, and all
designs starting as a drawing, is far
from complete in the design process.
There are many questions to ask of
the designs to complete them.
These are some of  the questions I ask of a design, before I begin anything.
1)  What base form will the design start with?
2)  What metals and colors of metals do we need to use to make the piece flow?
3)  What size shall we use for the specific person it will be made for?
4)  Do we want moving parts for flow, comfort and design qualities?  What connectors do we use for those
moving parts if they are used?
5)  Are we to use texture in the piece, and where is that texture coming from?  
6)  What type of stones should we use?
7)  At what depth should the piece be to be comfortable?  
8)  How shall all of it be assembled in the soldering process as to not destroy the metals?
9)  What chain should be used for continuity?
10)  What clasp should be made for the comfort of the wearer?
11)  Does the customer have arthritis, long finger nails, anything that would make it hard to put the piece on?
12)  How long will it take to assemble this piece to make it cost effective?
13)  Oh ! and are you Right handed or Left handed?  Biggie!
These are just a few of the considerations for a design.
And this is only one design concept.
This is why this process should always be referred to as art.  Creating these forms is definitely an art


Put together piece
Finished Piece
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