This page is a little description of some of the stones that I have used, will use and adore.  Just a page of informational about what
precious, semi-precious or mineral you would purchase.  
As always, contact me with any questions on any of the materials that I use.  I'd be happy to help you understand what you are buying.

Let's start with my absolutely favorite stones.  

#1        "Boulder Opal"     Mined in Australia, these stones are fabulous.  Unique in their own way, and each one different with
appearing to capture a whole picture within a form.  Boulder opals are found in veins and patches within brown ironstone boulders.  The
brown in Boulder Opals is the ironstone which is called matrix opal.

The Mohs scale rates Boulder Opals as 5.5 to 6. (Meaning hardness of stone.  A Diamond being rated at 10 for the hardest.)

Some of the Boulder Opal I have used look like there is a whole mountain scape embedded in the rock.  A waterfall with boulders on it's
bank.  A fairy perched on the moon.  Endless!

#2     "Moonstone"   Moonstones are a translucent variety of feldspar, having a color changing,
pearly look to them. The color changing qualities in Moonstone are amazing.  When worn it takes
on the colors of what you are wearing.  Also when setting Moonstones, I can prisma color the metal
at the back of the stone before it is set and the stone looks the color.  Amazingly beautiful!  

Moonstone mainly comes from Burma, Brazil, Ceylon, Madagascar and to a lesser extent Norway
and Switzerland.

Moh's scale-6+
Refractive Index-1.520-1.525

I posses some gorgeous Moonstones with blue reflection.

#3     "Amethyst"   Amethyst is a coloured quartz, coloured by traces of manganese,
titanium, and iron.  Comes in bluish violet, mauve or pale lilac colors.  

The best Amethyst is mined in Brazil and the Urals.  Also mined in Madagascar, Australia,
India and Ceylon.

Moh's scale-7
Refractive Index-1.544-1.553

#4    "Citrine"    Citrine gets its name from the French word "citrin" meaning yellow.
I love Citrine surrounded in Gold.  Talk about a gorgeous combination!

This golden orange quartz usually comes from Brazil.

Moh's Scale-7
Refractive Index-1.54-1.55

#5  "Garnet"  Garnet is derived from the Latin word "granatus" meaning "seedlike".
"Seedlike" because
the crystals look like pomegranate seeds.  Garnet comes in a variety of shades.
green; Rhodolite, red/brown.  

Garnet is found in the United States, Madagascar, Ceylon, Rhodesia, and Tanzania.
Principal Source:  Sri Lanka, Brazil and India.

Moh's Scale-6.5-7.5
Refractive Index-1.72-1.87
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