Pet Memorial Glass Jewelry
Okay here we go.  A good friend and I are starting a line of jewelry that includes the
cremations of a loved one.  Whether it be a family member or a pet family member.  To
some this sounds awful, to others really an amazing thing to have them close to heart on a
daily basis.  We all have someone we like to keep close.
Check the sight out.  Karen does the glass side of the project, and I the metal. If you care
to leave comments.  Do.

Commonwheel is a very cool environment.  

CoMA is an organization that I am a member.  A great tool for artists.  Check it out.  I have
a piece on the website.

TC Krantz
Imaginative Realist Illustrator

Lynette Hensley          
Mixed Media Collage with Fools and other fine characters What fun!

Claudia Roulier -        
Lost and found collage and assemblage

Jacquie Gouveia -
Expressive paintings of nature. An invitation to explore, enjoy and experience.

Greater Castle Rock Art Guild-
A wonderful site sponsoring many  an Artist in the Colorado area.  I am a member, and love
the organization.

British Car Club
Chris and I have a couple MGs.  Does everyone know what
those are?  They are British cars.  We belong to a wonderful
club called the MGCC club of Colorado.  We do cool rides with a
number of wonderful people.
This is a sample of the
pet memorial glass
jewelry Karen and I are
starting.  It is Silver
92.5 cut out cat design
with cremations in the
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